From the Top

As I was tracking down links for my MTNA 2006 National Conference post, I came across the website for the radio program From the Top. It is very professionally-designed and is chock-full of content! Here’s a brief overview from the How to Use the Site page. is one of the most novel and flexible music-education tools available. By familiarizing yourself with the ways to use the material on this site, you will be able to weave selected content into an interlocking educational narrative, offering your students a unique, engaging learning opportunity. provides multiple ways for students to learn about music and young musicians:

Listen to all archived From the Top radio shows or specific repertoire.

Search for specific performers, instruments and pieces of music.

Ask questions and interact with others on community discussion boards.

Find ready-made From the Top activity pages and lesson plans.

Read supplemental articles, fun factoids and special features.

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