White Board Messages

Every music teacher needs a white board. My students love writing messages on my white board. Here’s one that showed up today:

“I want stay in your lessons till a’m 35 years old”

This particular white board is one I picked up at a local teacher supply store. It’s magnetic, 24×36″ and has a grid with 1″ squares on it. An on-line search turned up a Magic Wall Reversible Magnetic Poster. It’s not quite as big (18×24″), but looks the same otherwise.

What an incredibly handy studio “prop” this has been – for uses other than just writing messages! It’s a step away from the piano and is perfect for having students write out clefs, scales, key signatures and more. I’ve also used it for rhythmic dictation. I play a rhythm at the piano and the student arranges the magnetic notes on the board to accurately reflect the rhythm I played.

And of course, it’s just fun! Kids love white boards and magnets…and so do I!

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