Classics for Kids

If you haven’t already done so, you have to go check out the Classics for Kids website. What an amazing resource this is! Each week, they feature a short (approximately 6 minutes) radio program about a composer or some other music subject. I have to admit, I was hesitant to even click on the program link because I didn’t want to have to wait forever to listen to the program (I’m still using a slow internet connection). I was shocked when it started playing immediately! There was no download time at all! With my excitement renewed, I listened to several programs that included narration mixed with background music that was being referenced in the narration. Be sure to check out the archives with all their past programs!

Additionally, there is a downloadable activity sheet that corresponds to each program that is very well done!

Every area on the site is so well done – the music dictionary even has sound files illustrating each term. I’m having so much fun at this site – I think it’s my new favorite! I know I will be utilizing this for some of my upcoming group classes.

Definitely a must-see and must-use for every music teacher!

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