Design Principle #2

Design Principle #2 is Alignment. Basically, what I remember most about this is the necessity of thinking “outside the box.” Don’t just center-align something on the page because it’s easy. Experiment with a variety of text alignments. Don’t just randomly place text on a page. Be purposeful. Think through what should go where to achieve the best effect.
Check out the alignment on this Assignment Book cover:

The main text is centered to draw attention, but the text below is right-aligned to give a sense of movement, and to draw the reader to turn the page. Keep in mind that you need to be careful when using multiple alignments on a page. If it assists the reader in following the flow of the text, then go for it, but if it is distracting, then opt for the same alignment.
For example, if the lower text area was left aligned like this the flow/movement of the text would be unnatural:

Start looking at the alignment on other design products. I notice things from food boxes, to concert programs, to book jackets, etc. Find ones that you really like and then experiment with similar styles in your own designs. Stay tuned for Part 3 of Design Principles!

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