Survey Question #5

Here is the fifth survey question I asked my students, followed by their answers:

What advice would you give to a new piano student about practicing?

* Never give up.
* Never stop trying.
* Get your rhythm correct.
* Do it every day.
* First play it slow, then play it backwards.
* Play slowly when starting a new piece.
* To practice every day a week.
* Practice often.
* Try as hard as you can and if you can’t, take a break then try it later.
* Try to practice every day.
* Practice makes perfecto.
* Keep trying.
* Listen to your teacher.
* To learn all the notes and what they mean.
* Play slow.
* I tell them to practice each of their songs several times daily, and increase the amount of time they spend at the piano slowly.
* Practice all 7 days.
* The more you practice the easier the songs will become.

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