Student Saver Pieces

Yesterday, one of our local music teachers associations held a Mid-Winter Retreat for music teachers. We had a fabulous time and I came home with lots of great ideas that I need to mull over and try to incorporate into my teaching. Suzanne Tirk, a clarinet professor, was our featured speaker. She discussed “Ten Steps for Mental Practicing” and “Injury in Musicians.” Both topics were full of well-researched information, tips from years of experience and practical ideas for implementation. I’ll try to post some more specifics in future posts.

I gave a presentation in the afternoon of favorite pieces in my studio. These are the pieces that students hear at a recital or group class and come to their next lesson begging to play. Or the ones that I play for students at their lesson and they love them so much that they come back the following week with the whole thing learned. Here’s a link to my handout from the presentation. I’d love to know what some of the favorites are in your studios. What pieces do you and your students love to play over and over again?

A Late Happy New Year

Perhaps you will forgive me for neglecting my blog over the last several weeks since I’ve been out of the country celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year. Can you tell where I’ve been? 🙂

Mozart's House in Salzburg, Austria

If you guessed Austria, you are correct! This is a picture from the house where Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. I’ve enjoyed a multitude of memorable experiences including a trip to Vienna where I heard the Vienna Boys Choir sing and admired the incredible architecture of several cathedrals and palaces, a visit to my childhood home in a little German village, exploring the historical buildings in Germany’s oldest city – Trier, walking the streets Mozart walked in Salzburg and perhaps most exciting of all…a trip to Paris where I beheld everything from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe and much more. Truly incredible!

I should be back into the routine of teaching and life back home by Monday and look forward to posting more regularly then. Hope everyone else’s New Year is off to a wonderful start!