Music Teacher’s Helper – A Review

Ask any Independent Music Teacher what they love most about their job and you will get a wide variety of responses, but ask those same teachers what they dislike the most about their job and, almost without exception, you’ll get the same reply: Bookkeeping!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to organize all your bookkeeping and student and event info so that it’s easy to maintain and find when you need it? And wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way for your students to access their schedule and payment information? And wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to streamline your communication process so that you could send e-mails to, say all your Tuesday students, or all your students participating in a particular event? Well…look no further! There is a way! Music Teacher’s Helper is the Easiest Way to Manage Your Studio!

Developed by Brandon Pearce, Music Teacher’s Helper was designed with the Independent Music Teacher in mind. I signed up for the free plan so I could test it out and see what I thought. I am very impressed! Here are just a few of the incredible features that I immediately liked:

* The site layout is very clean and user-friendly. It was easy to sign-up and get started right away with the free subscription. A very easy-to-understand tutorial walked me through each step and I had things set-up and running in less than 30 minutes!

* There are many report options and every organizational area of the site can be exported to an Excel file and saved on your computer for easy access and reference.

* The site is very customizable. Those who don’t have much experience with computers will find everything clearly explained and easy to navigate. Those with more experience often have the option of entering the HTML code themselves to allow for greater customization.

* Notes can easily be entered into the student files following each lesson and can even be sent directly to the student’s e-mail.

* All the birthdays for the month are listed on the teachers homepage and serve as a great reminder to send off an e-mail wishing the student a happy birthday.

One of the key things I look for in such applications is the level of Customer Service. In that respect, Music Teacher’s Helper is unbeatable! After exploring the site for a while, I e-mailed Brandon with a couple of suggestions. I received a response the next day and found the suggestions implemented almost immediately. Music Teacher’s Helper is committed to making their product the best it can be and is working on constantly developing it and incorporating new ideas.

This short review has not even touched on the student/parent features included in the teacher subscription. And, while Music Teacher’s Helper has some great student features incorporated into it, Brandon notes that “Music Teacher’s Helper is made first for the teacher, then for the student. We want Music Teacher’s Helper to be useful for teachers whether their students want to participate or not.

With subscription plans ranging from Free to $24.95/month depending on the size of your studio, Music Teacher’s Helper is considerably less expensive that similar web-based applications. I encourage you to check it out – experiment with the Free subscription and see what you think. The time-saving features and excellent service are well worth the up to $24.95/monthly fee for a full subscription, but the peace of mind that will come from a well-organized, professionally run business – that’s priceless!

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