The Creative Life – Day Four

The conference ended Saturday morning with a time of singing together, a few final thoughts from Michael Card, and lots of farewells and gathering of contact information before heading our separate ways. We were asked to fill out a survey about the conference. One of the questions was, “How have you seen God work in your life as a result of your time here?” My response sums up how I feel about the overall experience, “He has refreshed me through the beautiful setting; blessed me through the sweet and servant-hearted staff; encouraged me through the love and fellowship of the other attendees; humbled me through my weaknesses; and taught me through the rich teaching and example of the speakers/workshop instructors.”

with Phil Keaggywith Michael Card

I had no idea what to expect when I registered to attend The Creative Life conference, but it has honestly been a life-changing experience. Sometimes we don’t realize how small we’ve made the box in which we live until we have an experience that shakes us up and dumps us completely outside that box. Between the Pattern Play teaching intensive at the beginning of the month and this Creative Life conference toward the end, I feel like I’ve been duly shaken and dumped. 🙂

In its own way, each experience has left me with more questions than answers and forced me to think more deeply about my role as a musician and teacher. And yet, even as I’ve wrestled with difficult questions, and struggled to come up with answers for myself, I am so grateful for the opportunity to re-evaluate and refine my musical philosophies. I think that I have grown immensely through the process, and look forward to resuming lessons with my students – not with all the answers, but with a broader and more enriching set of tools that I can use to inspire and equip them for musical excellence and service.

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  1. Is there a man at Glen Erie who handcrafts plucked psalteries with an ovation-like bottom…in The coffee shop i saw one. I want one.. Lost The papers with The into about them. Email me if you know anything

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