Remembering Jed…

Seven years ago today, I penned the most difficult studio newsletter of my life. The afternoon before, one of my wonderful piano students was tragically killed in a car accident. I still think of him often and remember the tremendous legacy that Jed left behind, even at the young age of 12. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Jed:

Performing at a local festival in the beautiful Wichita State University Wiedemann Hall.

Having fun working on an ensemble with a group of students.

Memories like this bring tears to my eyes and remind me to love my students and invest as much as I can in their lives. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but God has given us today!

Note: If you want to read more of Jed’s story, you can download for free the chapter, Tragedy Strikes Close to Home, from my book, Pajama School.

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