Monday Mailbag – New Release Clubs for Piano Teachers

I noticed in one of your blog entries that you mentioned that you get new release packages from various music companies.  Is this available to other piano instructors?

Yes. Several of the major music publishing companies offer new release clubs for piano teachers. I personally only subscribe to the FJH one, but I did a little research and found a few others. If anyone knows of any other companies that offer new release subscriptions or good music samplers, please let us know!

Alfred’s Hot-Off-the-Press Subscription Series – 50% off each new publication in the packet, plus the ability to order one more of each at a substantially discounted price. Annual shipping fee of $6. You can choose from three categories (or any combination of the three): Solo Sheets, Duet Sheets, Recital Suites.

FJH New Release Club – Receive the newest publications at 50% off. You can select up to all six different level packets.

Frederick Harris Mailing List – Not a new issue list, but they do send music samplers periodically that are helpful when making selections for students.

Hal Leonard First Choice New Release Club – Three different level options, with a flat rate per level (40% discount). Four shipments per year.

Kjos Mailing List – This is just a mailing list, but again, they also send mailings periodically with information about new materials.

Even though a lot of these companies offer great deals for teachers, I always purchase my new music from one of our local music stores. We have a couple of fabulous stores that do a lot to support music education and teachers in the community and I want to show my appreciation by supporting them in return. I certainly don’t want them to go out of business!

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