Establishing Clear-Cut Studio Procedures

Even though I’ve had a studio policy in place for years, it never occurred to me until this fall to put together a list for myself of studio procedures. In particular, I put together a list of procedures for enrolling a new student, and a list of what needs to be done at the beginning of each school year. I think this will be tremendously helpful to me in the future so that I don’t overlook things that need to be done. No doubt, it will help me manage my time more efficiently!

New Student Procedures

  • Conduct interview
  • Set up file folder
  • File interview forms
  • Set up MTH account
  • Record registration fee
  • E-mail family with login info
  • Add e-mail address to studio e-mail group
  • Update studio roster
  • Add student’s birthday to bulletin board birthday cards

New School Year Procedures

  • Update MTH calendar
  • Update Upcoming Events page on studio website
  • Create new studio calendar and upload to website
  • Review studio policy and make necessary changes
  • Send e-mail to families
  • Print daily lesson schedule
  • Update personal calendar with daily lesson schedule
  • Print revised studio roster with contact information

Do you have a list of procedures that you follow at the beginning of the school year and when you enroll new students? Or can you think of any other situations for which it might be helpful to have a list of procedures?

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