Group Class Travels to Italy

As it turns out, I came down sick last week and had to take off the whole week of teaching, so I got one week behind. I finished up our theme of Feeling the Pulse this week, and will start on the Key Signature theme next week with the Key Signature – Scale Matchup Worksheets. I’ve already received one great idea that I’ll post next Friday for teaching key signatures. If you have another activity or idea that could be used as a Fresh and Fun! idea for this month’s theme, please send it my way or leave it in the comments below!

I realized I never got around to posting pictures from our February group class, so I thought I would go ahead and share those in lieu of a Fresh and Fun! idea. The mystery clues for the last session led to a composer from Italy, so I decided to make the group class a Tour of Italy. We performed pieces for each other, created a cool scrapbook for our Italy booth at the World Music Festival we’re participating in this weekend, and munched on a delicious Italian delicatessen – pizza rolls!

Ahead of time, I gathered up several sheets of posterboard and printed off pictures and interesting information for the people that would be highlighted on each page of our scrapbook.

I divided the students into pairs or groups of three and assigned them each the task of designing a page of the scrapbook. They were very creative and had a fun time working together!

Here’s another group of artists at work!

The finished product! Important Italians in the World of Music

The page for Arcangelo Corelli.

The page for Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco.

The page for Antonio Vivaldi.

We also created pages for Alessandro Scarlatti, Niccolo Paganini, and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina. We sure love group classes!

Share and enjoy!

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