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I happened across an assignment page and wanted to ask about the $$ for practice at the bottom of the page. Do you or the parents give money to the students for practice? Or do they earn a privilege/reward after accumulating a certain amount of money?
I don’t give real money for practicing (and I’m pretty sure none of the parents do either…they’re already paying for the lessons! :-)). I think what you are referring to is the place where I recorded the Diligence Dollars that my students earned as part of our Climbing the Ladder to Success practice incentive program.

What kind of software did you use to create your assignment books?
For all graphic design work I use a low-end program called Print Shop. You can pick it up at any office store or order it on-line. For the interior pages, I just use Microsoft Word.

Open Discussion Question: How do you prepare students to play scales where they are solid, 4 octaves, the quarter notes = 126 BPM with four 16ths per quarter note, and whip them out one after the other?
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