And the winner is…

Can you tell I’m a bit behind with things this month? I didn’t get my “This Week in Photos” post up last week, and it’s taken me several days just to post the winner of the last Mystery Challenge. Is everyone else equally busy getting ready for Christmas recitals and such? My studio Christmas recital is next Thursday and the rehearsal is this Thursday. The purpose of the rehearsal is to scare all the students into practicing like crazy the week leading up to the recital. 🙂

Anyway…the winner of the Great Pianists Mystery was Ruth! Congratulations, Ruth! I’ve already contacted her and sent her the prize of her choice. The mystery pianist was Van Cliburn. The false clue was #2 – which actually pointed to Vladmir Horowitz, not Van Cliburn. For anyone interested in decoding the mystery word, it is comprised of the first letter of each sentence in the clue. All the mystery words throughout the year will eventually be unscrambled and form a sentence to reveal The Mystery of Music.  So far my students are doing a great job cracking the codes and keeping up with their Mastery Challenges. Hopefully that will continue through the end of the school year!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Great Pianists Mystery!

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