Premiere Performance

Each year our state association commissions a composer to write a piece of music. This year’s composition, Impressions, is a piece for Quartet – piano, violin, viola and cello – by Miriam Overholt.

When asked by our Commission Composer Chairperson what he could share with us about her, she responded: “A Mom can write music.”

Miriam Overholt introduced the performers and shared a little about the work:
The form is A-B-C-A. It is Intro by cello, joined by piano, straightforward and simple melody
B Section – move into the impressionistic feeling with richer harmonies.
C Section – major key, faster tempo, repetitive rhythmic motif.
Return to the A section, larger, louder and played by the piano, with a cadenza and then the ending.

The performance of this gorgeous piece will be followed by a brief time for questions and answers from the audience. If you ever get a chance to hear this work, I highly recommend it!

Share and enjoy!

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