Group Class Music Listening Games are a Blast!

Last night we had a group class in the studio. Our focus for the evening was on “listening,” to correspond with the previous five-week session of our incentive program this year. In between performances we played listening-related games – Team Rhythmic Dictation, Team Melodic Dictation and Interval BINGO in pairs.

GAME #1: Team Rhythmic Dictation

Here’s part of the group that attended the class. I forgot to take pictures of the team rhythmic dictation, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. Here’s a basic run-down of the rules:
1. Split the students into two teams.
2. Give each team a set of note and rest value cards (just print these and cut them out; for better durability, I recommend laminating them and then cutting them out).
3. Specify the time signature and number of measures (we just used pencils as bar lines).
4. Give a count-in and then play a rhythm pattern on the piano.
5. Each team places the note and rest value cards in front of them to accurately reflect the rhythm pattern that you played.
6. Play three times to give them time to check their pattern for accuracy.
7. Correct any inaccuracies and then have everyone clap and count the pattern together.

GAME #2: Team Melodic Dictation

1. Split the students into two teams.
2. Give each team 5 bean bags and a giant-sized grand staff (this is one that I got from a retiring teacher several years ago that is drawn onto a large piece of vinyl – you can also purchase a giant-sized grand staff floor mat)
3. Specify the starting note for the melodic pattern and have them place the first bean bag in place (I used the smiley face ball for that purpose!)
4. Play a melodic 5-note pattern and have the students place the remaining bean bags in the correct places on the staff. I started out only playing only 2nds for the first couple of patterns, then I incorporated 3rds as well.
5. Switch teams and repeat the process for the second team. Alternate back and forth, with each team accumulating one point for correctly notating the pattern.

GAME #3: Interval BINGO

1. Group the students into pairs.
2. Give each pair a magnetic dry erase board, marker and handful of magnets.
3. Have them section the board as shown in the picture above.
4. Instruct each pair to randomly place intervals in each of the squares as follows: 2-2nds, 2-3rds, 2-4ths, 2-5ths, 2-6ths, 1-7th and 1-8ve.
5. Play an interval on the piano for the students to identify by ear.
6. Instruct students to place a magnet (or magnets) on the interval that you played. Once they have 4-in-a-row down, 3-in-a-row across or 3-in-a-row diagonally they should yell, “Interval!”
7. Check to see if the intervals marked on their board with the magnets match the intervals that you played. If so, that teams wins!

All of these games seemed to be a hit with the students and I was able to adapt the dictation ones on the spot to match the levels of the students. I’ve been trying to work with my students more on listening to their playing as well. It was exciting to hear several of them actually hold out the last note of their pieces for the full value (even with fermatas!) and not hop off the bench and run back to their seat as soon as they hit the last note. Ah, the little signs of progress that thrill a teacher’s heart! 🙂

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