Running a Successful Studio

Dane Carlson, of Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog, makes a helpful observation:

I think to be a successful entrepreneur only 3 things matter:

1. A clear vision of where your company is going.
2. Genuine desire and passion to create amazingly great products/services.
3. Strong conviction that your product/service is going to make a positive difference in your customer’s life.

It is interesting to consider how these points relate to running a music studio. As independent music teachers we face the responsibilities not only associated with teaching our students but of running a successful business as well.

Questions to consider:
Do you have a long-term business plan?
Are you aware of the ever-advancing technologies and how they will impact your studio in the years to come?
Are you thinking of ways to create great products and services so that your students get more for their money?
Do you know what kinds of products and services students and parents want?
Do you provide real life outlets for your students so that they can experience the effect that music has on daily life?
How do you convey your passion for music in your daily teaching so that your students are aware of it?

Definitely some food for thought!

Share and enjoy!

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