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My name is Natalie Wickham. I am an Independent Music Teacher in Derby, Kansas, where I maintain a studio of approximately 35 piano students. I opened my studio in 1998 and I think I grow to love teaching more and more each year!

As a small business owner, I am eager to project a professional image to the public and have found myself through the years turning increasingly to computers, design and the Internet to fulfill this desire. From a growing understanding of the complex world of technology, I have been able to produce many materials for my own studio, build a studio website, and build a website for the South Central Kansas Music Teachers Association and the Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association.

As I’m sure any teacher would readily attest, I have so much more to learn in both the areas of teaching and in the use of technology! But I love to learn new things and discover new ways to improve my teaching and run a more efficient and effective business. I have learned so much from the teachers in our local associations and from the teachers I’ve met on-line. I hope that Music Matters Blog will be an outlet for me to share with others in appreciation for the investment that so many others have made in me!

I would love for you to stop by my personal blog, where I post on other topics of interest to me.

Share and enjoy!

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