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**A guest post by Reel Ear**

Reel Ear gives you complete control over your ear training.

Most ear training software doesn’t do exactly what you want it to do. With Reel Ear, however, users control every conceivable musical variable. Reel Ear generates random melodies or chord progressions based on user defined variables. Because the phrases are random, users can not anticipate or memorize them and because they are based on the user’s own variables, the ear training focuses on exactly what  the musician wants.
Give away instructions:

To celebrate the launching of the new version of Reel Ear, we are giving away FREE copies to visitors (a $12.95 value) from right now until December 3rd, 2012at 12:00am.Here’s how you get your free copy:

1. Download the trial version of Reel Ear at The trial version is fully functional for 10 days. (Sorry Mac and Linux users, for the moment Reel Ear is Windows only)

2. Try out the software for a few days.

3. If you want a free license to unlock the trial version, download the your_computer_license_number.exe mini-program at

3. Run the your_computer_license_number.exe application.

Hint: All this little program does is read the hardware identification information unique to every computer and copies it automatically to your computer’s clipboard. We use this information to generate your personal, permanent license to unlock Reel Ear. We DO NOT have access to any other personal information on your computer!

4. Paste the number from your computer’s clipboard into an email and send it to us in an email. Please write “” as the subject of your email.

What’s next?

We will generate your personal key to unlock Reel Ear and send it to your email address as quickly as possible. I know it’s hard, but please be patient; it may take up to 48 hours to receive the key.

Want more information?

You can learn more about Reel Ear, find some helpful screen casts and check out our FAQ’s on our web site at

Remember, to receive your free individual license to unlock Reel Ear forever, we need to hear back from you with your computer ID number by December 3, 2012!

Happy ear training!

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