My Favorite New Technological Device

My idea of a shopping excursion is spending several hours surfing Amazon looking for cool technological gadgets. And even more exciting is the arrival of the anticipated package after an order has been placed. I know, that probably makes me a geek. Oh well! 🙂

A while back I embarked on just such an excursion and ordered a collection of accessories and related gadgetry for my recently acquired iPod Touch. I was thrilled when my extensive searching turned up this Sony Clock Radio/CD player with an iPod dock!

Since my CD player bit the dust about a year ago I was waiting to replace it until I found something I really liked. This is an awesome little device! The footprint is unbelievably compact, especially since the iPod dock slides into the base when its not in use. It also comes with a handy little remote that works great for navigating to different tracks and adjusting the volume. Even though I use YouTube all the time to search for performances and recordings, there are still numerous selections in my personal collection that I want to be able to play for my students. Nothing beats having a quick little device like this where I can stick in a CD or pop on my iPod Touch to provide a few minutes of quality music listening during a lesson!


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