Equipment Needed to Live Stream a Recital

After the post about my upcoming Christmas recital, several of you left comments or sent e-mails asking what equipment was necessary in order to live stream a recital. This will be my first time experimenting with this, but from what I can gather here’s what I’ll need:

  1. A USTREAM account.
  2. Laptop computer with access to the internet (via a wired or wireless network).
  3. Built-in video recording capabilities or a camcorder. I’m planning to use my digital camcorder to capture the video feed, while also recording to a miniDV at the same time.
  4. Good sound capture capabilities. The instruments will need to be mic’d and you either need to use a built-in mic from the camcorder or computer, or use a direct line input from the sound board. We are planning to use the latter option in order to get the best sound quality with the least feedback.
  5. Really smart, savvy equipment operators! I’m having a friend of mine run the sound board and another friend run the video camera and laptop. Both of them have lots of previous technical experience, so I’m hoping that even if we run into some glitches, they’ll be able to troubleshoot and find solutions!

Unless I’m forgetting something, I think this is all we’ll need. I’ll keep you posted, though, as we get things set up and I’ll let you know what all I learn along the way!

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