One of the most exciting aspects of teaching music is the almost limitless opportunity it provides for creativity in implementing and reinforcing concepts. Each of the products available through the Music Matters Blog Store has been custom-designed and used with great success with students of all ages. Many teachers around the world are experiencing the same results as they implement the practice incentives, piano camps, and games in their own studios.

Because I believe strongly in the freedom of every teacher to develop and implement creative teaching approaches that will serve the needs of their individual studios, any teacher is welcome to adapt the available materials as necessary to serve that purpose. As you can see from the Testimonials page many teachers use these practice incentive themes and ideas as a springboard to develop new ideas to use with their students. You are welcome to do this, and I greatly appreciate those who give credit to the source of their ideas and provide links back to this site!

Free Study Guides

Self Learner Studies are based on a Classical approach to learning that incorporates three stages: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. In the GRAMMAR stage, students define words and make sure they have a good understanding of the vocabulary. In the DIALECTIC stage, students ask questions and look for connections to other areas. In the RHETORIC stage, students convey what they've learned in some form of real life application.

These free downloadable study guides are a tool to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and life-changing for all who want to become more effective learners!