Split End Arpeggios at the Piano

One of the approaches that I encourage my students to use to help them become fluent in piano arpeggios is a hands together pattern that one of my teachers showed me years ago. I could never remember the name of them, so I finally tasked one of my creative students with determining a name and then demonstrating it via a short video presentation that I could share with other students in the future. Stephanie came up with the perfect name: Split End Arpeggios. Here’s her one-minute video explaining how to play them. Thanks, Stephanie!

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2 thoughts on “Split End Arpeggios at the Piano

  1. Hey there.

    Thanks for the technique. That reminded me of a similar video that I have watched in the past when it came to similar motion scales.

    If I am not mistaken, they called it the Russian Method or the Russian Style. Check out the video.


    But thanks for reminding me. It is a superb method and your student is wonderful :-). Thanks for sharing.

    Piano Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing the video! My state association syllabus calls this style the “grand arpeggio.” Scales can also be played in the grand style.

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