I just purchased your Go For the Gold! package and we are implementing it this fall! These packages are a GREAT deal, you get all of the ideas, templates and books for 1 low price.

It hit me in the spring that we spend SO much time preparing for the 30-60 minutes in-lesson, but 168 hours at home are not addressed with the same excitement. Our studio will have Teams, we will have a team flag, team colors, team mascot and team anthem (written by one of our students). So excited, and THANK YOU Natalie for these products!

My students love your programs. Thx for all the time and effort you put in to each program.

~Ellen O.

I recently purchased your C2 [practice incentive theme]. Thanks so much! Love your incentive programs. I buy a new one every year!

~Debby C.

I purchased your Vanishing Voices recently and am super excited to start this program with my students!

~Heather M.

Carnival of the Animals is a fantastic curriculum. Thank you so much for writing it!
~Kristy A.

Your Carnival of the Animals camp curriculum is so organized,creative, comprehensive, and fun! It was a blast and I can’t wait to do it again…My students absolutely loved it!
~Laura F.

I love all of your practice incentives and have used some of them with great enthusiasm in my piano studio.
~Jennifer C.

I was thrilled with the student’s enthusiasm last year using Jungle Expedition…Thanks so much for these terrific resources, Natalie.
~Sylvia C.

I’m really excited to start the fall and SO HAPPY that I have [the Vanishing Voices] incentive program for the school year.
~Tammy P.

My students are enjoying their Jungle Expedition this year!
~Marie M.

We used Go for the Gold last semester and my kids absolutely loved it! So did their parents! Parents said they didn’t have to ask their child/children to practice, they just did it! It was so fun.

Thanks so much for all you do – I use your site regularly and have used e.p.i.c. in the past with great success!

I love practice incentives! You totally got me started doing them, my students CAN.NOT.WAIT to find out what our new theme is each year!

We have used your incentives two years at our small Christian school. A contest really encourages students to practice and get to the next level. Even the display helps other students want to take lessons.

I’ve used the Mastering the Mystery of Music program from you with fantastic success!

“I love ALL your incentives!”

“My students go crazy over Go For the Gold. You have no idea. I have used some of your others too. I really want to try another one!”

“I used your Go For the Gold practice incentive around an Olympics and it got the students really focused. Thank you.”

“I have been using your incentives for a few years now and appreciate all the work you do in preparing them. It keeps my students learning theory in a less boring way.”

“I’m a pianist and school music teacher, and I follow your blog regularly. I have been very interested in the Classical education philosophy, and I’ve been especially excited about your Carnival of the Animals project. I started looking through the workbook, and I’m very pleased with the quality of the program…Thanks for all your hard work!”

“Thanks so much for the info about Mastering the Mystery of Music! We are loving it so far.”

“Last year we did the An Italian Intrigue practice incentive theme—so much fun!”

“I have used Go For the Gold and Let’s Have a Ball in the past and loved them!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!”

“Thanks so very much for the e.p.i.c. practice incentive theme! This looks so wonderful!”

“I’ve LOVED the incentive programs that I’ve used. They are designed so well to accomplish musical skills but also are a lot of fun!”

“Thanks again for sharing all of your work! I’m so excited about using your Piano Camp Plans and For the Love of Music this summer for my annual Piano Camp.”

“My studio used Climbing the Ladder to Success last year and loved it. So many students were talking about where they wanted to set their goals for the following year that I am going to use the program again!”

“I bought your Go for the Gold incentive information – and am LOVING IT!!”

“I have purchased and am using your Pre-Piano Camp. It’s been a huge success!”

“I used Exploring a Galaxy of Music in my studio this past year, and my students loved it! I will definitely be using another of your programs this coming school year! Thank you so much for making your practice incentives available to us!”

“I love that you share and provide so many print outs free of charge and for those you charge for, they are very reasonable and well done.”

“Your practice incentive Climbing the Ladder to Success was a huge success this year.  The kids love them.  Thank you for sharing such wonderful work with us.  It’s really a blessing to me and to everyone you reach out to. I am looking to purchase and plan my next incentive for this year.”

“I just bought your Exploring A Galaxy of Music packet.  It’s outstanding.  Thank you for the work you’ve put into it. I’m so excited to start up lessons this month.  We’ll see which program of yours we use next year.”

“Your blog has easily been the thing that has helped me the most in my teaching. I check it faithfully, and I learn something almost every time. I have purchased a lot of your stuff and it is really wonderful.”

“I have really enjoyed your blog and website and used many of your materials and ideas since I opened up last July.”

“I recently purchased the Pre-Piano Camp to use with 2 of my children (we have a week- or 2-week-long theme during the summer with a 1 hour daily learning time based on that theme).  I just want to let you know that they ~love~ your camp so far!  Thank you for this great, easy-to-use resource!”

“I bought Quest for Capital! the first day it was available.  We used Let’s Have A Ball! last year.  I love your ideas.  Thanks!”

“You are amazing, that’s all I can say!  The Kick-it-up-a-Notch! program is so well put together. It will be worth every penny!”

“I am wrapping up Let’s Have a Ball! tomorrow with my final group lesson. What a fun year it has been. Thanks for your hard work and inspiration. I purchased the Quest for Capital! packet as well.”

“I just downloaded Lets have a Ball! Can’t wait to get started and hope my students like this incentive as much as the Exploring A Galaxy Of Music.”

“Wow! You’re amazing and so creative! My studio is LOVING the Climbing the Ladder to Success.”

“I purchased and implemented your Climbing the Ladder to Success incentive program this past year. My students enjoyed it immensely. I’m soooooo impressed with how creative you are at coming up with ideas.”

“I just wanted to let you know that my students are “having a ball” with the balls. They love the visual representation of their accomplishments.”

“Your Piano Camp student workbook is great and parts of it are just the thing I needed to pull my week together. It will be fun for me to work through this week with them.”

“Thanks so much for making the Climbing the Ladder to Success materials available online. I think this is going to be a big help with my students this year.”

“Your Let’s Have a Ball! practice incentive program has made my life easier this year!”

“I recently ordered your Climbing the Ladder to Success practice incentive and I love it! I’m so excited to introduce it to my students this week. I’ve been dropping hints, but this week I think I’m going to kick it off.”

“With the winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC this summer I think Go For The Gold! will be a great incentive! I handed out my first workbook last night to a private student and he’s sooooo looking forward to earning points!”

“My students are feeling more motivated to practice than usual, because of the Ladder (to Success!) we now have on the wall and the sheets that go along with it — it really makes a difference to have short-term AND long-term goals. Thanks very much!”

“I purchased your Climbing the Ladder to Success materials last fall, and have thoroughly enjoyed using the theme with my students this year. They seem to be doing very well with the goals to earn more diligence dollars.”

“Thank you for sharing your Piano Camp Lesson Plans. I purchased them and it looks fantastic.”

“As another Christian teacher with the goal to give students this gift of music, I just want to say thank you for the WONDERFUL resources you provide for us!! I am currently using the Mastering The Mystery Of Music incentive program, and my students are LOVING it! I can’t believe how excited they are to do their weekly challenge even without the bribes of candy and prizes (besides the seemingly far away recital)! Your work and your willingness to share the material is MUCH appreciated!”

“I purchased your Piano Camp Lesson Plans a few days ago and it’s great!”

“I currently am using one of your incentive programs (Climbing the Ladder to Success) and LOVING it. I’m already looking into the next theme for next year.”

“I really love all the work you’ve put into the Exploring A Galaxy of Music practice incentive. It looks really great.”

“Thanks for sending the Practice Incentive Collection. I love them all, and I’ve decided to go with Let’s Have a Ball for this year. The kids are so excited to start it.”

“I got my 5 for Fun! book printed today. It looks great. It is so professional looking. We will enjoy the contents. Thanks again.”

“I ordered the Pre-Piano Camp package last Sunday. And I love your ideas and the YouTube parts.”

“Thank you for this great resource. I purchased 5 for Fun! this morning and can already see the value in my studio.”

“Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas! My students are loving Mastering the Mystery of Music!”

“I have been reading over the materials for Quest for Capital! and am beginning to try to figure it out. Thanks so much – this looks like fun!”

“I am very excited about this practice incentive! The main thing I like about Exploring a Galaxy of Music is the team work. I think it will work out fine with the younger students, as everyone works together.”

“Thank you for this Pre-Piano Camp package…it’s wonderful.”

“I’m using your Mastering the Mystery of Music practice incentive this year, and my students are having a lot of fun.”

“Beyond motivating me to start a blog about my own work in music education, I have adopted some of Natalie’s practices within Music Box Studio. Ten weeks ago, at the beginning of Term 2, I introduced my students to what is the first practice incentive theme both they and I have experienced. It has definitely enthused my students in their pursuit of furthering themselves musically, so thank you Natalie for the great idea!”
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“Natalie comes up with great ideas for incentive programs! I’ve used her Let’s Have A Ball! before, and the whole studio enjoyed it!”
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