Question: I purchased one of your programs previously, but I’ve lost the files or can’t access them anymore. Is there a way I can re-download them without having to purchase it again?

Answer: Absolutely! Just send me an e-mail with your request and I’ll happily approve you for additional downloads of previously purchased files.

Question: I teach another instrument. Would your practice incentives work in my studio, too?

Answer: Yes, I think that all of the programs are highly adaptable to any instrument. The ones that are goal-based, most of the goals (scales, flashcards, etc.) are easily transferable to other instruments, and the ones that aren’t I would think you wouldn’t have any trouble changing them to things that are more appropriate for cello. If you want one that’s completely open, e.p.i.c. is one that strictly emphasizes practicing habits and you can give students any assignments. Project 28 is more comprehensive, with a focus on hearing (listening, playing by ear), speaking (improvising and composing), reading (repertoire and sight-reading), writing (notation, theory), thinking (being able to research, memorize, explain music concepts), and living (playing duets and ensembles, attending concerts, performing). So that one is very adaptable to any instrument!

Question: I’m using the Go for the Gold practice incentive theme this year. On the assignment pages, there is something labeled OWP. What does this stand for?

Answer: OWP stands for One Week Piece. It’s any piece that the student learns on their own during the week with no assistance from the teacher.