The following music education workshops have been developed for and presented to various music teachers associations. I’ve also spoken at homeschool conventions, youth events, church ladies retreats, university classes, school assemblies, and character education training courses. You can find additional speaking topics and a list of previous speaking engagements at The Old Schoolhouse Speakers Bureau. If you are interested in having me present a workshop for your group/association, just send me an e-mail and we can discuss the logistics!

Learning to Learn: Three Roads to Prepare Your Students for Success
Get ready for a crash course by Natalie Weber, NCTM, in the time-tested classical model of education with an overview of the Trivium, insights into how students can become independent learners, and practical suggestions that you can implement in your studio.

“Your talk was interesting, helpful, and well done.” ~B.R.

Facts and Fun: Great Games for Teaching Music Theory
In this engaging workshop, Natalie Weber, NCTM, addresses the disconnect between teachers and students and what teachers can do to bridge the gap more effectively. She discusses why games are worth making time for and how to ensure that they are beneficial rather than a detraction from the lesson. You’ll take away dozens of ideas that will help your students learn to play the piano well!

“Enjoyed your talk and going to try some of your ideas this week!” ~D.A.

Destination TBD: A Teacher’s Journey to Improvising at the Piano
Drawing on the philosophy that beautiful, imaginative music can be experienced by every student at every lesson, Natalie Wickham, NCTM shares insights and resources that have helped her learn to improvise freely at the piano and lead her students down an exciting path of musical discovery.

“Sure enjoyed your presentation last Friday. You always inspire me and have thought provoking ideas and encouragement. Thanks again.” ~D.A.

Creativity on the Cutting Edge
In this idea-packed workshop, Natalie Wickham, NCTM, will introduce you to some of the latest developments in mobile technology and share projects you can use to infuse your music studio with a greater sense of cultural relevance and enthusiasm!

“Thanks for once again sharing with us. You always stimulate my thinking.” ~L.T.

“Thank you for your inspiration and creative thinking. (I still want to be in your studio!) ~D.B.

Creative Collaboration: Making Every Lesson Come Alive!
Whether you’re teaching an individual student or working with a group, you can make every lesson a rich and rewarding musical experience. In this fast-paced session Natalie Wickham, NCTM will walk you through the process of cultivating, implementing, and infusing creativity. Then, she’ll load you up with ideas to use in all sorts of scenarios: Fun with One, Friendly Duos, Family Favorites, and Groups Galore!

“Once again, I would like to compliment you on an outstanding presentation at the WMMTA meeting. It was very informative. You are an excellent piano teacher. Keep up the great work with the kids.” ~K. W.

“You did such a wonderful job at the workshop on Friday!! Your “talking points” were super and easy to follow. As soon as I finish some stuff this week, I’m going to get back to the “thinking” mode to finalize my goals for the year. You gave me some great food for that thinking process! Thank you for all the work you do, and your generosity, to share your ideas with us!!!” ~S. B.

“Thank you so much for sharing your many, many wonderful ideas. You are an inspiration for all of us who are trying to bring a higher level of learning and fun to our students’ lessons.” ~J. H.

How to Build Your Studio Identity: practical ideas and resources to make your studio stand out in the public square
“Just do it.” Ever heard that phrase? Those three simple words are almost synonymous with Nike®. Why? Because Nike® has effectively branded itself in our minds, whether we are one of their loyal customers or not. As professional music teachers, we can have the same effect with our studios. In this workshop, Natalie Wickham, NCTM will share Creative Ideas for Branding Your Studio, 3 Keys for Effective Marketing, Practical Ways to Build Your On-line Presence, and more! Whether you are a brand new teacher just launching your studio, or a seasoned veteran with a 2-year waiting list of students, you are sure to take home some exciting ideas that will invigorate your teaching!

“I just wanted to let you know that I loved your presentation this morning – wish the technology had allowed for more time with you. I’ve never seen that group so engaged on a topic, so I hope it will work out for you to come in person in the future! I know how much work it is to put a great program together, and EVERYTHING you presented this morning was first class.” ~L. S.

“YOUR PRESENTATION WAS FABULOUS! I can’t wait to hopefully hear it in person. Thanks for the hard work you put into this.” ~B. G.

“Everyone really enjoyed your workshop today, in spite of our technical difficulties. It is obvious that you put a lot of thought and care into your teaching program, and I think we can all learn from you. I know that I learned a lot today, and I am inspired to work on my mission statement, and create a website!” ~L. M.


How to Design a Practice Incentive that Will Motivate Your Students All Year Long!
In this workshop that is chock-full of practical ideas, Natalie Wickham, NCTM, will walk you through the process of developing a practice incentive that will capture the enthusiasm of your whole studio. You’ll discover the four components of a good practice incentive, learn the secret of making lesson plans that last for the whole year, find out how to turn any assignment or concept into an exciting game, and get to see lots of real life examples that have been a hit with students of all ages!

“Natalie gave a superb presentation, giving everyone ideas and details about her innovative yearly themes and incentives. Her studio is filled with creativity, love and enthusiasm. She was very well received by the audience.” ~D. B.

“Other than the Fabers, Natalie’s session ended up being the ‘talk of the conference.’! It was a ‘gold mine’ for teachers.” ~J. P.

“…rewards can be occasions that contribute to musical growth! Her four components for good practice incentives were especially practical helps to make the incentives measurable for the teacher and effective for growth of the students.” ~S. B.

“Natalie’s ideas were so practical and creative!” ~J. R.

“I LOVED your presentation!!!” ~D. S.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and was so glad we all got to hear you and benefit from your divinely inspired work.” ~J. B.

“Your session was fabulous!  Loved your presentation.” ~J. U.

“Loved your presentation!” ~B. G.

“I attended your presentation at the conference last weekend. It was very helpful, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for your presentation. I would like to attend your presentation again sometime. If you have any upcoming workshops or presentations, please let me know.” ~Y. L.

Web Design Workshop
Are you interested in having your own website, but don’t know where to start? You won’t want to miss this special workshop that will help you understand the terminology of the web, navigate through the many website options available, and give you the opportunity to build your own website. There are a limited number of computer stations available and reservations will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. The workshop will be conducted by KMTA Technology Chairperson Natalie Wickham, NCTM, who first got sucked into the world of web design when she was trying to figure out how to build her own studio website in 2003!

“This was an outstanding workshop. Thanks for getting us started. I am glad to have your guidance.” ~K. W.

Technology Treasure Trove!
With millions of places to travel on the web today, it can be overwhelming to navigate to the destinations that will prove the most beneficial for your studio. In this enlightening workshop, Natalie Wickham, NCTM, will help you discover some of the most exciting possibilities that are available at little or no cost. Whether you want to utilize technology to teach long-distance lessons, make CDs of your students’ playing, create your own YouTube channel, learn to upload video clips on the fly, or live stream studio recitals so that friends and relatives around the world can tune in, you will leave inspired and equipped to make these dreams a reality!

“Your sessions were wonderfully informative! Thank you for all that you do for KMTA and music-making in the state!” ~T. L.

“I so enjoyed your workshops and enthusiasm for teaching at the convention!” ~M. R.

“I just wanted to say again how much I appreciated your workshop on using technology in the music studio…The price of the weekend would have been worth it just to attend your session. Thank you so much.” ~L. D.

“Loved your workshops at KMTA!!” ~M. S.

“Your presentations were truly outstanding! I love the way you organize your material, make it clear what you are teaching us, and provide us with excellent handouts we can use later.” ~L. M.

“Thank you for the part you played in the conference. You did a great job presenting.” ~W. S.

Groups Galore!
What do you get when you have eighteen students, one piano, an age span of twelve years, a handful of rhythm instruments, and a small space? A group class of piano students squeezed into the basement studio of Natalie Wickham, NCTM! In this engaging workshop you’ll learn the essentials of planning a group class, how to integrate students of a wide range of ages and abilities, and creative approaches for a holistic approach to music education. An array of real-life demonstrations and examples will give you dozens of practical ideas that you can implement in your studio right away!

“You prepared so well to share with us and made pedagogical theory very understandable through your examples.” ~S. C.

“I meant to tell you again how much I appreciated your games presentation. I have made and implemented several of the ideas and they are a huge success!!  Thanks for sharing with us so generously!” ~D.R.

Organizing and Planning a Piano Camp
Whether you’ve offered summer piano camps for years or want to give it a try for the first time, this workshop by Natalie Wickham, NCTM, will load you up with tried-and-true ideas that students love! Additional topics covered include: scheduling and logistics, communication with studio families, step-by-step instructions for helping your students produce a film, and exciting theme ideas that will have you traveling around the world, going back in time, and stepping into the lives of famous musicians!

“Thanks so much for the wonderful ideas you gave us the other night. I think I will try doing a piano camp; I have always wanted to do it. Seeing your time frame and setup helped a lot. The handout was great and so thoughtful.” ~C. K.