Piano Studio Practice Incentive – Giveaway #4!

One of the highlights in our piano studio is the announcement of the new practice incentive theme for the year! This is something I started doing about 15 years ago and it’s amazing the excitement that it generates, along with the determination to work toward specific goals. I always incorporate 4 Components when I’m developing a theme that makes it accessible and appealing to students of all ages and levels. Even though I run mine through the entire year, if you’re looking for a way to jump start the new year after Christmas break, a new studio theme could be just the thing!

In light of that, I’m offering one free practice incentive theme of your choice to a Music Matters Blog reader! Just leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing. A winner will be chosen on Friday, December 11, at noon (CST) using a random number generator. Check out the 10 practice incentive themes now to see which one you would like to use in your studio!

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36 thoughts on “Piano Studio Practice Incentive – Giveaway #4!

  1. I have been using your incentives for a few years now and appreciate all the work you do in preparing them. It keeps my students learning theory is a less boring way.

  2. I’d love to do an incentive theme–especially after Christmas. My students would really benefit from it. Yours look wonderful!

  3. I enjoyed looking through all of your practice themes and I love the variety of creative goal oriented approaches. It was hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’d love to try the Mystery Themed Incentive.

  4. My students go crazy over Go for the gold. You have no idea. I have used some of your others too. I really want to try another one!

  5. Awesome! I love ALL your incentives! I would especially like the Go For the Gold for the Olympic years! ????

  6. Thank you for offering one of your practice incentive themes! I am using your C2 theme this year and enjoying it very much. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  7. We have used your incentives two years at our small Christian school. A contest really encourages students to practice and get to the next level. Even the display helps other students want to take lessons.

  8. I haven’t done a practice incentive for a while. It would be wonderful to try one that is so imaginatively prepared.

  9. I love doing practice incentives throughout the year and am always looking for new ideas. Yours look great!

  10. Your creativity is so impressive! All your programs look amazing. I always find coming up with incentive programs so overwhelming due to all the details and all the different age levels.

  11. I love practice incentives! You totally got me started doing them, my students CAN.NOT.WAIT to find out what our new theme is each year!

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