Creativity on Heart and Soul

Have you ever had a student come into their lesson thrilled to show you the new song that their friend just taught them? Only to discover that it’s at the top of every piano teacher’s list of Most Disliked Songs? You know which one I’m talking about, don’t you? Yup. Heart and Soul. But, as much as you might want to plug your ears and scream the next time you hear it, the reality is that students love playing it! Plus, it can serve as the perfect tool for learning to improvise freely using the chord progression in it. In this video Claire demonstrates the Heart and Soul remix she came up with just for fun:

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3 thoughts on “Creativity on Heart and Soul

  1. The importance of music in the world is monumental. It is involved in every part of a person’s day, whether they are in a career that is directly or indirectly concerned with music. For that reason, music needs to be implemented more into elementary schools. Learning music can brighten the children’s day and help them in their learning of other subjects. Since music is so important, it needs to be exposed at a younger age with more, positive structure.

  2. This is a cool way to teach chord progressions! I will use these ideas to work with High School students!

  3. I agree! Last year at a group Recital Prep lesson, 2 of my 16 year olds had stayed up until 2 AM the night before together improvising on Heart and Soul! They were so tired, but they had so much fun making music together! It was not an assignment!

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