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Over the past few years I have worked to improve my singing abilities because…well..let’s just face it, I couldn’t hit pitches worth a hoot! And even if I did “happen” to sing the right note, it still wasn’t a pretty sound coming out of my mouth. I couldn’t figure out how to consistently hit pitches so I would end up straining my voice to reach them. This became increasingly frustrating because I wanted to sing songs, but was horribly afraid of someone hearing me and telling me to stop. So I set out to take voice lessons, and did so for about 3 months-even in that short span of time my understanding of “how” to sing grew exponentially! I’m still not amazing by any means, but I am “better,” and for that, I’m extremely grateful. You see, my voice teacher imparted 2 incredibly helpful things on how to improve my voice that even though I only took lessons from her for a short time I’ve been able to use these 2 things to continue training my voice.
1) Knowledge (breathing, speaking, how the voice works, techniques, musical concepts, etc)
2) Concentrated Effort (taking time to THINK about what you’re doing and how to do the exercise to improve)

After trying out the eMedia Singing Method program, I found that these two aspects of voice training seemed to be the foundation for the self-teaching software: 1) Imparting Knowledge and 2) Concentrated Effort through Exercises. I enjoyed the first ten lessons eMedia Singing Method offers, as well as the musical concepts each lesson introduces on the page preceding the exercise.

Although the program’s face seems outdated, it was easy to use and I liked the self-paced nature of it as well as the laid-back but in-depth feel. I also felt like-at least with the lessons I did- the instructions were very easy to understand and helpful. And you know what’s super cool?! If you prefer “visual” instructions, you can click on the video camera icon in the left sidebar area and voila! Video instructions before your eyes.:)

eMedia Singing Method’s target audience seems to be classroom teachers-or similar occupations-but I can see it being a great self-teaching resource for individual use.

Some other neat perks about eMedia Singing Method are…

…interactive feedback capabilities

…the icon with the face and exclamation point gives you brief facts about the music you’re using for the exercise.

…there’s a feature where you can hook up a guitar to accompany you.

…you can learn from over 230 voice lessons!

 eMedia Singing Method is produced by eMedia, the U.S. distributor for Ear Master Pro. This program is available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

To get more details or to download a free trial hop on over to their website: eMedia Music Corporation-Music Lesson Software for Individuals & Music Teachers


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One thought on “Review of eMedia Singing Method

  1. How long does it take for an intermediate capable singer to go through the 230 lessons on the first go around,

    I purchase a copy about two weeks ago, and I am currently dedicating about 2 hours per day on the software, starting at first lesson.

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