Review and Giveaway of Supersonics Piano by Daniel McFarlene

I’m greatly inspired by Mr. McFarlene’s (creator of the Supersonics Piano website and piano music) innovative spirit and how he takes full advantage of the modern technology available to us today. All of McFarlene’s music is completely digital and can be downloaded at, making it possible for you to have his songs at your fingertips within minutes wherever you are in the world. The piano music offered on the site ranges from elementary to early advanced, each with its own modern flare.

I love Mr. McFarlene’s ambition behind his site and music, but unfortunately I did not fall in love with his music like it seems some have. As I played through his songs, I felt like many of them lacked strong melodious character. What I mean by this is that the melodies were either hard to detect or abstract, and the harmony would seem to collide with the melody in various songs rather than complement it. On a more positive note, however, because of the recurring patterns incorporated into his songs, I can see McFarlene’s music being an awesome resource for earlier level students learning how to identify patterns throughout a song!

On the Supersonics Piano website you can also find duet/trio music, as well as audio recordings and McFarlene’s video channel.

Starting the 4th of August Supersonics Piano pieces will be featured in the Piano Maestro app and Daniel McFarlane has generously offered this code: JTS3MSUPERSONIC for Music Matters Blog readers to gain access to the entire app one month free!

Additionally, we are having a giveaway! Comment on the post saying you want to be entered and three lucky winners will each receive a single print piano e-book of your choice (from Levels A, B or C) which can then be printed, accessed on your smartphone, iphone/tablet, and computer.

If you are looking into purchasing some music on Supersonics Piano website you can use this code: musicmatters to receive a 10% discount. But don’t waste too much time, it expires 8/6/13.

Supersonics Books A, B, & C; The Lake (Intermediate Piano Book)

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22 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway of Supersonics Piano by Daniel McFarlene

  1. I purchased these 3 books several weeks ago. I LOVE this music! I have 3 (boys) different students who has never been motivated to practice who are driving their families crazy with these songs. The boys have never practiced like this. I have 2 adults — over 65 years of age — who heard “Snakey” which is song 2 and now both ladies are in these books. I have found this music to be quite motivating.

  2. I LOVE this music! And my Students LOVE IT MORE! I find Daniel McFarlane’s music interesting, jazzy, and a delightful first step into the world of syncopation. But my students say they LOVE how it makes them feel like GROWNUP pianists! That always makes me smile!

  3. I always enjoy trying new music so that I have lots of variety to offer my students. Please enter me in this giveaway!

  4. I have already purchased some of his music and love it. I find it refreshing with a lot of charm and personality! I feel this music will provide motivation for several of my students. Daniel’s music is unlike others I am familiar with!

  5. So excited to hear about this music! Can’t wait to try it! Please enter me in the giveaway!! Thanks!!!

  6. I have heard all the music and liked it a lot! I would like to enter the giveaway! Thanks.

  7. I have given some of Daniel McFarlanes music to my students and they have loved it, I have found it to be very accessible for young learners. Pease winter me in your giveaway!

  8. I love using Daniels books with my students I’ve been using them since they came out. He offers the students a chance to play longer pieces earlier in their development which helps with concentration rhythm and enjoyment for the students they are a great teaching resource. My students also love the fact that they are playing a young Australian composers music and can see him performing via technology. He graciously did a presentation for the Sunshine Coast music teachers association such a generous enthusiastic musician.

  9. I’ve listened to Daniel’s music and it is so engaging! How could students *not* want to play this? Please enter me in the giveaway and thank you!

  10. New imaginative pieces which encourage students to play are always welcome. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you.

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