Got Music Apps?

Are you trying to keep up with the mobile technology age, but drowning in the virtual sea of all-things-apps? I’m raising my hand! Well, now you can cast your fears aside because there is a fabulous website that promises to be a sanity-preserver for teachers like us: Musicians With Apps.

All the apps are organized by category, including: Rhythm Apps, Note Reading Apps, Composition Apps, Gadget Apps, and Explore Music Apps. Each review is extensive, with an assigned score, what the reviewers liked best, what they wish it had, and a summary of how the app functions. I just subscribed to the blog feed, and you can also sign up for an e-newsletter that will send you the latest reviews. I am so excited to find this “one-stop shop” for figuring out what music education apps are out there and which ones are worth purchasing and using or recommending to students!

HT: Kay Lowry Piano

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