A Couple Quick Images

Have you missed me?! 🙂 There are so many things I have been learning and working on that I want to post about – especially an amazing creative arts conference that I attended last week. (In fact, I’m planning to do a week-long series of posts on it next week, so stay tuned!) But for now, I wanted to share two quick images:

Music Matters Blog reader, Lorrie, sent me this photo from her studio. They are getting ready to launch the Go For the Gold! practice incentive theme this fall and she wanted to show me how she decorated her studio. I love it! It’s so exciting to hear about and see how others are using the themes in their studios, so if you have a picture you want to share, please send it my way!

And here’s a sneak preview of our new studio theme for this year. It’s still in final development, but I am so excited about incorporating some of the things I’ve learned this summer into the theme. I’ll be officially announcing it to my students at our annual September Surprise! in two weeks and then I’ll post a little more about it here. Can’t have any snooping students finding out the scoop ahead of time, you know? 🙂

Share and enjoy!

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