Pursuit of Music Piano Camp is Underway!

Mornings in the studio this week are abuzz with activity as five high school students and I gather for a week of Piano Camp! Each year I try to do something different that specifically addresses the interests and/or needs of my students. Right now, I have quite a few high school students who are considering music as a long-term vocation or avocation. In light of that, I decided to offer Pursuit of Music, a week-long daily camp focusing on five specific areas:

  • Essential skills for every pianist
  • Developing and Implementing Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • How to Succeed and Make an Impact in the Professional World
  • How to Plan and Teach Musical Concepts to Others
  • Developing a Gospel-Centered Vision for Music

Preparation for Piano Camp is always a very time-consuming process, but it is so enriching to think more deeply about a variety of topics, explore new resources, learn new things, and plan out each day’s lesson. In the process of reading to prepare for tomorrow’s class, I came across this statement that I absolutely love:

“…what you do with your talent and how it affects the lives of others is more important than the aptitude itself.”

~David Cutler, The Savvy Musician, pp. 300

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