Happy Summer!

Is everyone enjoying a wonderfully relaxing summer, full of afternoons at the poolside sipping lemonade? That’s what all of us music teachers do during these three months, right? 🙂

On the contrary, the last few months of spring and the beginning of summer have been abuzz with all sorts of activities! From graduations galore, to wedding showers and weddings, to various ministry activities, to work on some big projects, to a plethora of musical experiences, there is never a dull moment. I thought I would give you a glimpse of some of the fun musical things we’ve been up to lately:

We wrapped up our year of An Italian Intrigue with distribution of the special souvenir t-shirts to those who earned the required number of Complication Coins.

For an extra 10 Complication Coins, students could purchase sponsorship space on the back of the shirt and submit a personal logo for inclusion in the final design.

At the Year-End Evaluations, students who composed music to go with a psalm received their own copy of our 8th volume of The Psalms Project!

My friend Abigail and I had a lovely time traveling to and attending our Kansas State Music Teachers Association annual conference!

People travel from all over the world to attend the renowned Symphony in the Flint Hills. This year, some friends generously purchased tickets and invited our family to attend with them.

Three of my siblings and I had a wonderful time out on the prairie soaking up the sun and beautiful music!

One of the things our family enjoys doing during the summer is volunteering at the Chamber Music at the Barn. The evening begins with a catered dinner in the extensive gardens followed by an excellent concert in the barn (also live-streamed out to the garden for those who prefer to remain in the natural environment).

Life in the studio is going well, too! I’m loving working with my summer students, just started a beginning student this month who is so eager to learn, have been doing some major decluttering, and am working on new ideas for teaching, and collecting some supplies for some studio activities I want to put together. Hopefully I’ll do a better job keeping up with blogging through the rest of the summer. I’d love to know what you’re up to and if you’re working on any new studio projects this summer!

Share and enjoy!

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