A Fabulous Way to Introduce Students to Classical Themes

I’ve been playing catch-up on blog posts for the last couple of weeks and ran across this wonderful post by Heidi that’s a Classical Themes Lab Assignment for her students. In her assignment she creates a list of all the pieces in the In Recital, with Classical Themes by Helen Marlais and pairs it with a YouTube video recording of that piece. A brief couple of sentences describe each piece or its historical style, and students are instructed to rate each piece according to their level of interest in learning it.

I’ve used similar approaches with my students when they are learning a transcription of a famous symphony or opera, but I LOVE the idea of having a page like this laid out so that students can easily go through the entire contents of a book and select their favorites. Since Heidi’s already done the work for this book, I’ll probably just use her post with my students. Now…who wants to do the work for the other books in this series? :-)

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