What’s the Purpose of Your Studio?

In the latest newsletter from Character First!, column writer Gene Linzey asks the question, “What’s the Purpose of Your Business?” He shares the responses he received from several business owners and then reveals what he considers the correct answer: To serve others without a selfish motive.

I was immediately compelled to ask myself the same question in relation to my teaching. What is the purpose of my studio? I ponder this on a regular basis and feel like I am always refining the answer and readjusting my priorities. One thing that occurred to me after I read Mr. Linzey’s “correct” answer was to contemplate whether my business is something that I would continue doing at no cost if it wasn’t necessary for me to make a living doing it. Perhaps that’s a good litmus test of sorts for evaluating business motives – or even whether your job is a good fit for you if you’re employed by someone else.

So…I’m curious to know. What’s the purpose of your studio? Would you keep teaching at no cost to your students even if you didn’t have to make a living at it?

[please note: this is meant to be purely philosophical in nature, not practical, since there are many reasons why it’s important to charge for lessons even if it’s not financially necessary.]

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