My Weekly Masterclass

It is so inspiring to watch a great teacher in action! My brother recently switched to a new cello teacher and I think I enjoy his lessons as much as he does. 🙂 Ever since I started taking him to lessons several years ago, I’ve loved sitting in and observing because I always pick up valuable music perspectives and teaching tips. Now, with a new teacher, we’re benefiting from a different approach and emphases on specific areas that need to be improved.

My schedule doesn’t permit me to observe other piano teachers (other than at conferences), but sometimes I think watching teachers of other instruments, or even other disciplines, can be even more beneficial because of different influences in our teaching practices.

Here, Quinn is working with my brother on his tone quality. She referenced four elements: air, earth, water, and fire. Then she had him play his piece in a way that reflected each of the elements. It was fascinating to hear the contrasts he was able to achieve with this imagery! This and lots of other aspects of her teaching give me inspiration and new ideas for working with my own students.

Does anyone else observe other teachers regularly? Do you ever make time to visit other piano teachers’ studios to watch them in action? I really want to figure out a way to incorporate more of these “masterclasses” into my schedule next year!

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