Noteflight Notation Program

It’s been just about a year now since I first came across the internet-based Noteflight notation program.

I haven’t used the program much in the past year, but several weeks ago it came to mind and has been the perfect solution for a recent situation! You may remember that I’ve begun teaching via Skype, and one of my long-distance students has been working on a composition. It’s been really fun to work on it together over the internet, but I was thinking it would be really cool to get it notated so she has a printed copy to keep.

I could have just done it all in my Finale notation program and then converted it to a pdf and e-mailed it to her, but that seemed pretty cumbersome. Enter: Noteflight. The interface is sleek and intuitive, and I can input notes as we work on it during the lesson. My student has the link to the notated composition and can check it out at any time, listen to it playback, and print it out on her computer. Needless to say, she is thrilled to see her work on the screen and on paper! I think we’re going to be using this a lot more in the days ahead!

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