24 Piano Pieces Perfect for Rote Teaching

In light of Monday’s post about teaching visual spacial students, I thought it might be nice to post a list of tried and true piano pieces you can teach students by rote. Some of these are ones that I’ve taught; some are from another teacher who sent me her list of suggestions a while ago. Most of these pieces are available at SheetMusicPlus.com. If you have any other great suggestions of rote teaching pieces that you and your students like, let me know and I’ll add them to the list!

  1. A Day in the Jungle by Jon George
  2. Bumblebee Toccata by Lynn Freeman Olson
  3. Buzzing Bee by Mark Nevin
  4. Castle Days by Kathleen Massoud
  5. Cross Current by Ted Cooper
  6. Devil’s Night Dance by Catherine Rollin
  7. Dragon Hunt by Nancy and Randall Faber
  8. Dream Echoes by Nancy and Randall Faber
  9. The Fly by Nancy and Randall Faber
  10. Wind Across the Badlands by Valerie Roth-Roubos
  11. Spanish Dance by Catherine Rollin
  12. Dreamscape by George Peter Tingley
  13. Guitars of Seville by Mauro Giuliani
  14. Hide and Seek by Linda Niamath
  15. Mist by Carolyn Miller
  16. Motion Machine by Carolyn Miller
  17. Nature Pieces by Katherine Beard
  18. Poet’s Lament by Jon George
  19. Prelude No. 7 in B minor by Robert Vandall
  20. Rainbow Fish by Catherine Rollin
  21. Solo Flight by Elvina Pearce
  22. The Rainstorm by Elizabeth Greenleaf
  23. The Storm and the Rainbow by Nancy Faber
  24. The Tempest by Faber

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