Another Winning Group Music Game!

This game was even more popular than the Musical Terms and Symbols game I mentioned yesterday! This one is called, Who’s the Leader? Here a couple video clips and the instructions for how to play it:

Who’s the Leader?

Players stand in a circle. One player goes out of the room. A leader is appointed. The whole group starts clapping and continues until the player sent out returns and takes the center of the ring. It is his business to discover who is leading the crowd in its actions. The leader changes from clapping, for instance, to patting his head, twirling his thumbs, jumping up and down, etc. All the players do the same thing immediately. They should try to be discrete as they watch the leader so that it’s not obvious to the one guessing. It’s amazing how quickly the action goes around the circle, and how difficult it sometimes is to discover the leader. When finally discovered, the leader goes out and a new leader is selected. Play the game to music and encourage the students to listen and stay on beat with the music.

You can select any music, but here are the pieces I chose for the game. We didn’t get to all of them this time…so I guess we’ll have to play it again! 🙂

J.S. Bach: Sleeper’s Awake (

John Philip Sousa: Military Marches (–SVyKdx8u0)

Franz J. Haydn: Quartet in C Major (

Bedrich Smetana: Má Vlast Moldau (

Aaron Copland: Hoedown from Rodeo (

Klaus Badelt: The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean (

John Williams: Summon the Heroes (

Share and enjoy!

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