Monday Mailbag – Student Assignment Books

I’ve enjoyed reading about all of your incentive programs. I was wondering about your assignment book. Is it separate from the incentives or a part of the incentives program? I think I’m getting confused. Most of my students are beginners or early intermediate…K-8th grade.

That’s a great question! I probably need to clarify that on the resources page. All of the practice incentive programs come with a complete assignment book file, instructions on how to implement the program, pictures of my studio so you can see how I set things up, and corresponding files for the wall decorations.

Each practice incentive program can be used straight “out-of-the-box” or you can feel free to adapt and customize it to meet the needs of your studio. If you read my post, 4 Components of a Good Practice Incentive, you’ll see that one of my primary objectives is that it is appealing to all ages. I use mine with students ages 4-20. The program provides the basic framework that undergirds lessons all year long and then I make whatever adjustments I need to based on the needs of individual students. Any program like this should serve to make your teaching more effective, not constrain you or hinder your ability to teach to the individual student. That’s what I always aim for anyway!

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