Inspiration from a Home Magazine

Somehow I started receiving a subscription to Traditional Home a while ago. Magazines are one of my weaknesses, so I usually like to skim through it and see if anything catches my eye! Well, as I was making preparations for my Christmas recital about a month ago, I was contemplating what sort of design to use for the programs. I like to do something different each year, but with 12 years of recitals behind me, I was running out of ideas! Enter: Traditional Home magazine. As I was perusing it one evening, I came across this page from their Marketplace:

This is my typical M.O. for “reading” magazines: I skim through them quickly, circle any points of interest and make accompanying notes, then go back through and tear out all the pages on which I made notes. On the page above, you can see that I circled a paper design for some custom gift tags. I loved the look of the design and thought it would be perfect for our Christmas recital program!

Thankfully, the winning student artwork for the cover was an excellent fit with the design! The program consisted of five interior pages, plus the front and back cover, then tied with the sparkling red, green, blue, and silver ribbon at the top. Just goes to show that you never know where inspiration will come from for the current project. And I think we can also surmise that one should never feel guilty for reading magazines – it might contain just the idea you need! 🙂

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