New Finds for Graphics and Design

There are some real treasures on the internet for cool graphics and design elements. Some of them I just came across recently and wish I knew about years ago! – This is one I became familiar with when I was working with my designer for the cover of my book. The quality of the photos and graphics is impeccable! You have to buy credits to use toward purchase of images, but sometimes it’s definitely worth it to get high quality, high res, royalty-free images. – I haven’t used this one yet, but there are tons of great patterns, textures, themes, etc. – the quality of most of these images isn’t quite up to par with istockphoto, but you can’t beat the price – free! – This is loaded with sets of free icons that you can use in an unending array of projects! I’ve downloaded and used numerous icons already – for cards, websites, newsletters, studio materials, and more. – A friend I’ve been meeting with to work on business ideas alerted me to this site that is full of beautiful wordpress themes. I’m still trying to figure out the perfect design for my site revamp, and this is one site that I’m looking to for inspiration! – Another related site my friend told me about that I still have on my list to explore in more detail. I haven’t tapped into plugins much, but I know there are lots of possibilities out there!

Do you have any great sites that you frequent for graphics and design elements? I would LOVE to know about them!

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