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I’m currently in a class called Group Piano and Technology, for my masters program.  We’re reviewing everything technology-related to teaching piano.  I know that you use Music Teacher’s Helper and I was wondering if there are any other similar programs out there that compare.  That was the only program of its kind that we discussed in the class and it would be nice to know if there’s something else out there just to “compare.”

Even before Music Teacher’s Helper was developed, I did some checking around to find a good bookkeeping software that would meet my needs. I downloaded a trial version of a software called Time Signature, but found that it didn’t fit the criteria of what I was looking for. So I continued for several years to battle the bookkeeping headache. My Dad, who is in the financial industry, even developed a custom Excel-based program that I used for a while. One of the main frustrations, though, with both of these approaches is that regardless of how meticulous I am in recording payments, handling scheduling, etc. there is no way for the studio families to access and view their records. That’s why I really love the online-based platform! in addition to the studio-wide accessibility, this also allows for constant updates and improvements without having to download and install new software.

All that said, I have been so pleased with Music Teacher’s Helper that I haven’t had any occasion to search around to see if there is anything comparable on the market. Has anyone else found another similar program for your studio bookkeeping? Feel free to leave any links or suggestions in the comments!

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