Another Fun Pre-Piano Camp Game!

As I mentioned last week, in A Peek Into Our Pre-Piano Camp, we’ve been having a blast at this fun piano camp this year! We just finished our final week yesterday, so I’m busy getting all the files and links ready so that I can make them available for any other teachers who want to do a similar camp. In the meantime, here’s another look at one of the super fun games that we played.

After learning A-F, it was time to do some reviewing and make sure we understood the proper order of the notes on the keyboard. For that, we needed to call in some reinforcements. 🙂

Each of these stuffed friends was given a flashcard for one of the keys on the piano (I just taped them to their chests). After the cards were all placed, I mixed the bears up and then let each student take a turn putting them back in the correct order so that we could say the names of the keys in the proper order. They got such a kick out of playing the game with the stuffed teddy bears!

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