A Fun Rhythm Dictation Game

For the last week of regular lessons this spring (the week before the Year-End Evaluations), I let each student choose whatever he/she wanted to do for the lesson. It was kind of fun to see what they chose! Some opted for a bunch of improvising, some wanted to play through their regular assignments, some wanted to do listening activities, and a great many wanted to play games!

Landon and Hayley both wanted to do games for their lesson, so we played several different ones. They really liked working together on this rhythmic dictation one. I just gave them a set of note and rest rhythm cards and then played a 2-measure rhythm pattern on the piano. They had to lay out the cards to correspond to what I played. It was a bit of a challenge at first, but they caught on really quickly! This is a great activity that is easily adaptable for individual lessons or with multiple teams in group lessons. Click here to download a set of single note and rest rhythm cards.

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