2010 MTNA Conference – Tuesday Early Afternoon

Exhibitor Showcase Alfred Publications Exploring Piano Classics
by Nancy Bachus

Nancy Bachus walked attendees through the Exploring Piano Classics Repertoire and Technique Books in the Preparatory Level, Level 1, and Level 2, sharing anecdotes and historically relevant tidbits about each piece. When discussing the Technique Book she stated that there are some people who subscribe to the idea that technique should be learned from the repertoire. She, however, subscribes to the philosophy that your technique is what you bring to the piece that enables you to play it well. All of the Repertoire Books come with a CD, so she played a few selections for us. The Repertoire Books also contain great cultural and musical information to enable the student to understand the time period in which the piece was written. Labels on the side of each page also identify the piece as either Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern. This is a great introduction into the classics!

Nancy referenced a workshop she attended last week by Rebecca Johnson in which she stated that all children have a need for aesthetic beauty. She said that she believes that and that she believes she has created a series that will enable students to experience that.

“Technique is only a means to an end, but without that means we will never reach the end.” Josef Levin

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