Learning Music Effectively Podcast

Michael Griffin, of the Music Education World website, is busily preparing for the release of another book. The topic is Learning Music Effectively, and with his wealth of experience and expertise, I’m sure this will be a great resource for music teachers and students alike! Get a glimpse into the contents of the book and listen to a free downloadable podcast called, Learning Music: Practice and Performance, on his Learning Music Effectively page.

As I listened to the podcast, I was especially interested to hear Mr. Griffin state that on numerous occasions he has asked students if they want to be an expert on their instruments. Almost unequivocally, the response is “yes.” This is something that I have to constantly keep in mind. Yes, students want to have fun. But they also want to play well. I am not doing them any favors if I let them get away with poor practice habits or sloppy technique. The podcast continues with some helpful insights into practicing effectively. This is an audio clip that I think any musician would enjoy listening to. We can never have too many reminders about the importance of developing good practice habits, can we?!

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