Music Education Blog Carnival – May Edition

Welcome to the May 1, 2009 edition of music education blog carnival! Hope you enjoy checking out these great contributions!

Patricia Turner presents 100 Favorite Library Sites for Children and Their Parents posted at Online University Lowdown.

Music Pedagogy

Laura Lowe presents More From the MTNA Convention posted at The Lowe Piano Studio Blog, saying, “Click on the MTNA category for more blog posts about the 2009 MTNA National Convention in Atlanta, March 29-April 1”

Nancy Flanagan presents Nice Homework, if You Can Get It. posted at Teacher in a Strange Land, saying, “Is practicing “homework?” And is it any different than the kinds of homework other teachers assign?”

Joseph Pisano presents PMEA Clinic 2009- Bridging The Gap Between The Composers, The Performers, And The Audience posted at Music, Technology and Education:

Natalie Wickham presents Songs from Around the World and Key Signature Games posted at Music Matters Blog, saying, “Help your students gain an appreciation for world music and play some high-energy key signature games while you’re at it!”

Lorraine presents from photoheaven7 posted at The hidden healing secrets of music.

BNC Edcuation presents Evaluating Students for Percussion posted at BNC Education, saying, “Drums are probably the most popular choice among young people when choosing an instrument. Everyone wants to be a drummer. But you can’t have a band full of drummers. In our program, as is the case with most, we don’t have enough equipment for any more than about 12 percussionists. Evaluating Students for Percussion is a two step process. Once narrows the field from wanna-bes and the second actually gets to the heart of the matter.”

Music Performance

Sheila Scarborough presents All that jazz on San Antonio’s River Walk posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying, “No better way to appreciate classic jazz like Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton than to hear it live, with Jim Cullum’s Jazz Band in San Antonio.”

Dennis Gray presents Speech Level Singing Technique posted at How To Sing Better (Now), saying, “The Speech Level Singing technique is a powerful technique used by many of today’s top recording artists that can help artists at any level learn how to sing better.”

Nui Loa presents Interview with Debbie Cavalier posted at Boston Children’s Music, saying, “Great interview with Debbie Cavalier, Head of Continuing Education at Berklee College of Music and leader of the popular kid’s band Debbie and Friends.”

Peter Micic presents Musicking posted at an imperfect pen.

Music Technology

David French presents Computer Singing posted at Tanbur Music Education Blogspot, saying, “Using the computer to promote singing activities in the music classroom.”

Andy Zweibel presents “Computers, Keyboards, and Music” – A Curriculum Restructure posted at Andy Zweibel – Music Musings and Other Randoms…, saying, “This is a proposed restructure of the curriculum to a college level music technology course at the University of Miami, including proposed activities/projects that would keep students engaged and excited about the material!”


Karin Le Blanc presents Discografie | Ampiphy | The Official Blog ~ This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll ~ posted at Ampiphy.

HazardousPaste presents Why Music Encompasses Everything posted at Black Holes and Snowy Mountains, saying, “A music appreciation post.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Arts and Smarts: Test Scores and Cognitive Development posted at SharpBrains, saying, “At a time when educators are preoccupied with standards, testing, and the bottom line, some researchers suggest the arts can boost students’ test scores; others aren’t convinced. Karin Evans asks, What are the arts good for?”


Angelique Lee and Francine Kenney presents Bagged! Pushy Parents Actually Slow Down Music Learning posted at Music Practice For Kids.

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