Solve the Clue – Win a Prize!

My studio theme/practice incentive this year is Mastering the Mystery of Music. I’ve divided the year into six different sessions, each with a different topic. Our first topic was The Symphony Orchestra. Each week if a student completes his mastery challenges, he receives a clue. The mystery this first session was to figure out which instrument of the orchestra the clues were pointing to. But then there’s a catch! One of the clues is a false clue. So, based on what the students discover in the course of investigating the various clues, they have to determine which clue is the false clue.

At the conclusion of each session I’m holding a Private Eye Workshop. At the workshop I give the students the code to crack the false clue and find hidden within it the mystery word for that session. The mystery word is then written in their case file at the front of their assignment book. At the end of the year, all the mystery words will be unscrambled to reveal the mystery of music! Every student who discovers the mystery of music by the end of the year will receive a special reward.

Anyway…all that to say, I thought it would be fun to post the clues here after each session for anyone who wants to see if they can figure out what they are pointing to. So, each day I’ll post one clue. There are six total (and remember, one of them is a false clue!). Just to make it extra fun, whoever correctly identifies the instrument first will receive a prize! I’ll send the winner their choice of one of three different items:
1. An e-booklet I’ve put together with pictures and directions for 5-Minute Games and Activities for the Piano Lesson (hoping to make it available for everyone soon!)
2. A package of Music Money
3. A Music Prescription notepad

Watch the next six posts for the clues!

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